USDCAD Analysis – February-13-2024

USDCAD Analysis – The Canadian dollar has seen a notable rise, moving past 1.345 against the US dollar. This improvement comes after a period of weakening, where it had dropped to a nearly two-month low of 1.354 at the start of February. The positive shift is primarily thanks to a robust report on the domestic job market, which has given the Bank of Canada (BoC) room to keep its higher interest rates. These rates are part of the BoC’s efforts to control inflation.

In January, the Canadian job market showed impressive growth, adding close to 40,000 jobs, while the number of people without jobs decreased by around 20,000. This change helped reduce the unemployment rate for the first time since December 2022, offering hope amid growing concerns over the country’s economic outlook.

usdcad analysis

USDCAD Analysis 4-Hour Chart

USDCAD Analysis: Job Market Resilience

The resilience of the Canadian job market in January is a significant highlight. The addition of nearly 40,000 jobs and a reduction in unemployment by about 20,000 individuals indicate a solid economic underpinning. This positive momentum has decreased the unemployment rate, a welcome change after months of static or worsening figures. Such a robust job market performance has implications beyond the immediate numbers.

It suggests that despite the BoC’s high-interest-rate policy to fight inflation, the economy has areas of strength. This resilience is crucial as it counters the increasing skepticism surrounding the Canadian economy’s health, driven by concerns that high interest rates might stifle growth.

USDCAD: Economic Optimism Amid Challenges

The recent developments in Canada’s economy, particularly the strong job report, challenge the prevailing pessimism. While BoC policymakers have been vocal about the negative impact of high-interest rates on growth, the January job market data offers a counter-narrative. It shows that even with the pressure of high-interest rates, there are sectors within the Canadian economy that is not only surviving but thriving.

This scenario provides a nuanced view of the situation, suggesting that while inflation remains a significant risk, the economy’s foundational strengths, such as employment growth, can help navigate these challenges. Moving forward, it will be crucial for policymakers to balance the need to control inflation with the equally important goal of supporting economic growth and stability.

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