Tourist Arrivals in Slovenia Surge by 16.9% in May

In May 2024, Slovenia experienced a significant boost in tourism, with tourist arrivals rising by 16.9% compared to last year. This increase to 596,418 arrivals follows a 9% decline in April, indicating a strong rebound. Notably, both domestic and international tourism saw growth. Domestic tourist numbers rose 8.1% to 125,778, while foreign tourist arrivals surged by 19.5% to 470,640.

Mountain Resorts Lead Slovenia’s Tourism

A closer look at the data reveals that most foreign visitors came from Germany, making up 18% of the total, followed by Austria at 11.5% and Italy at 6.1%. These figures highlight Slovenia’s appeal to neighboring countries and its potential for further tourism development.

Moreover, Slovenia recorded 1,394,630 overnight stays in May, up 14.7% from the previous year. This increase in overnight stays reflects the country’s growing attractiveness as a travel destination. Mountain resorts were the most popular, accounting for 28.1% of the total overnight stays. Seaside resorts, spa resorts, and the capital city also saw substantial numbers, with 19%, 18.3%, and 18%, respectively.


This data underscores Slovenia’s diverse tourism offerings, from scenic mountain retreats to vibrant urban experiences. For potential travelers, this growth signals that Slovenia is a thriving destination worth exploring, with plenty to offer in natural beauty and cultural experiences.

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