NZDUSD Analysis – RBNZ to Delay Easing Until 2025

NZDUSD Analysis—The New Zealand dollar, commonly known as the Kiwi, experienced an uplift, reaching approximately $0.601. This surge places the Kiwi near its three-week peak, primarily influenced by the stable performance of the US Dollar. The greenback’s struggles emerged from slower-than-anticipated growth in US jobs, sparking speculation that the Federal Reserve might cut interest rates later this year.

NZDUSD Analysis - RBNZ to Delay Easing Until 2025

NZDUSD Analysis – RBNZ to Delay Easing Until 2025

RBNZ to Delay Easing Until 2025

Despite the market anticipation for monetary easing, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) has hinted at maintaining its current policy stance until 2025. This decision stems from persistently high inflation rates observed in the first quarter. Interestingly, even as the RBNZ stands firm, market dynamics have already priced in a potential rate cut by October following disappointing employment figures in New Zealand.

Aussie Decision Could Influence Kiwi

Investor focus is shifting toward the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) ‘s upcoming monetary policy announcement this Tuesday. The outcome of this decision is crucial as it could significantly influence the monetary policy trajectory in New Zealand. Forex traders and investors are advised to watch this event closely, as it may offer critical cues for future regional investment decisions.

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